potato-grade cat appreciator


I'm Moonie, or Leaf, I guess. I'm 28 years old, from France and a freelance software developer turned customer support turned "get me out of this job" enthusiast.

By reading this, you are now legally required to send me cat pics.

What I do

I solve problems by creating new ones to replace them. I play too many games, but I like to think I'm good at what I do. Among the things I do are:

What I've done

Even though I might not have had much professional experience, I've had a whole set of 'fun projects' to hang around.
A friendly selection (of those still active):

How to get in touch with me

I am reachable publicly on multiple platforms, though I have a couple of them locked up for personal reasons.

Of course, if you're more into traditional means of contact or have a long-winded writing to send, I'm also reachable by email at [email protected].

Obligatory non-professional information

None of these are surprising honestly

[end of file]